COVID-19 - What We Can Do

We have all be saturated with media about the Corona Virus and how quickly it is spreading worldwide. The fear and concerns aren't necessarily about the quantity of persons that are affected by it but how rapidly it is spreading. This is putting a strain on our healthcare systems making the disease hard to contain and control.

As those are preparing for the worst, we want to shed some light on actions we are implementing to help prevent further spread. We will be disinfecting our training tools at our sessions. This includes disinfecting the shared volleyballs we use that also belong to a club. Not knowing who uses the volleyballs outside our time of use, we feel like this is most important measure to take in our line of business. We also will be keeping a anti-microbial body spray with us to use on ourselves and our athletes should they want to use.

Our disinfectant spray that we will use to sanitize are dissoluble tablets from our partners at Defense Soaps. They are certified on the list (privately named but registered by number 71847-6). We like these products because they are safer than everyday bleaching products. The link below shows products from Defense Soaps. This link will extend our Origin discount.

Other links take you to the certified list of effective products from the EPA and the CDC homepage for more information about COVID-19.

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