Video-Delayed Playback

There's no greater way to learn than watching yourself on video. Using modern technology, Origin uses delayed video playback to show it's athletes each movement they make during training to both see what they are doing well and what changes still need to be made. Being able to watch themselves immediately increases body awareness allowing athletes to better understand their motions and be able to coach themselves in situations when a coach may not be looking. Origin aims to expand the time that the athlete is learning to allow maximum improvement.  

Integrated Learning

Mapping out training plans with your coach ensuring you are getting what you want out of you session. Athletes come in and write the skills they want to improve on a whiteboard. Then the coach and athlete discuss specifically how can the athlete make each of those changes. Having the athlete write out their own plans aid in the learning process of "how" they are going to improve themselves. Each drill is then subsequently catered to each of "hows" of improvement where the athlete then grades themselves on the effort they made to make said changes. 


Whole Athlete

There is more to the sport than learning where to stand and what your body is supposed to do in certain situations but many miss out on understanding how to think on the court and read the game strategically. Origin helps teach the athlete how to read situations around them and be able to make confident decisions about the play happening around them. Being able to read and react efficiently simplifies the game allowing athletes to progress to higher levels of the game. Origin also aids athletes with resources for taking care of their bodies whether it be preventative or rehabilitative for injuries, nutrition, or top-notch gear!